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This Is Kyrie Irvings shot in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals (The score is tied 89 -89 with 1:05 left in the 4th quater, Neither team has scored in the last 4 minutes of play.

Kyrie starts his dribble in the top left corner of the Half court with Klay thompson guarding him. he takes 5 dribbles then comes off a JR Smith screen where steph curry then switches on to him. Takes 1 dribbles backwards, then does a small crossover into a single dribble into a between the legs and then another between the legs then back through his left leg into his right hand. He then puts the ball far to his side and takes a pound dribble step back falling right and backwards. While the shot is in the air he gets bumbed by steph curry when landing and back peddles as the shot goes in. Which would end up being the dagger that ended the warriors dynesty befor they could get there 3rd ring in a row.



Messy, everywhere, outside the box. These words describe what happens when a kid gets ahold of a fresh box of crayons, even more evident when a kid gets ahold of the big box of random crayons every teacher has in elementary school. although half the time we have no idea what the kids drawing are imagination is instantly spiked as we wonder what masterpiece we are looking at and what it means. crayons are more of a bridge into younger ones minds then drawing utensils.


List of Items bricks are useful for

  • Build a House
  • Hit someone on the head
  • stack
  • paper weight
  • pedistal
  • Build a fireplace
  • prop a door open
  • Put behind a car wheel
  • stabilize a desk
  • break a window
  • write on it
  • drop it
  • build a wall
  • weigh down ballons
  • build road
  • smash plate



I Love

I Love You,

I Love You, Every

I Love You, Every Part

I Love You, Every Part That

I Love You, Every Part That Makes

I Love You, Every Part That Makes You

I Love You, Every Part That Makes You Who

I Love You, Every Part That Makes You Who You

I Love You, Every Part That Makes You Who You Are.

I am who they say I am

I am who they say I am


My life is chaotic. It feels like i’m always on the move, doing something somewhere with someone. truth is its hectic for weeks on end then everything stops suddenly for 2 or 3 days while i do nothing but think. Then it starts again weeks on end of no rest.

I spend the summers with the house to my self. Mom travels for work from weeks befor school gets out to a couple weeks into school so for all of summer its just me at my house leading to a couple things. Dirty house that i clean once every two weeks when she comes back and friends.

I don’t like hiking or fishing but i need to be doing something active or something to get my mind racing and adrenaline going